Moondyne Stone Scluptures

Moondyne Stone Scluptures

LuMu are proud stockists of Gatherco Green's incredible range of Turkish treasures including these statement Moondyne granite sculptures. Handcarved and available in three sizes these pieces look best in a cluster. Perfect statement piece for indoors and outdoors.

Gatherco's range of products are on brand with LuMu's bespoke and original furniture and decorative items and it's mantra of 'creating an environment you love for the people you love.'

Gatherco Green's Philosophy : "Our collection has been gathered to share stories. Refined perfection is not what we do as true beauty comes from individuality. Gather Co.Green is more than just a label, it’s an ideology. The way we choose to exist. A mind that sets us free with a passion for a life best lived amongst the great green outdoors. #outshapers "

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