Bamileke Table
Bamileke Table Bamileke Table Bamileke Table Bamileke Table Bamileke Table

Bamileke Table

Traditional Bamileke Table carved by African Artisans from the trunk of a tree.

No two pieces are exactly the same.

AVAILABLE IN 40cm, 60cm 80cm an 80cm + Diameter. 

Black, white and natural. Custom colours also available on request. Please contact LuMu for further details.


These tables are crafted from a single tree trunk by Cameroonian tribesmen. The process is a difficult one as they have to hollow out the centre of a tree, leaving a thin exterior, which is then carved with an intricate pattern. Bamileke tables are rustic in nature, with imperfections that add to the uniqueness of the item.

Used as stools and tables, these are very sturdy and strong. However, the sides of the tables are delicate and can crack or break if bumped hard. As the table is made out of wood, changes in temperature and moisture levels in the air may cause small cracks to appear on the surface as the wood expands and contracts. Please note that this is not a fault in the product. Not recommended for outdoor use. 

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